Produced for ArtLab by Robbie McKane
Production Dates: Mar – Apr 2019
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ArtLab is an initiative that brings children from across different social backgrounds into contact with cutting edge art and technology projects. The Tate Exchange is a rolling programme of free events at the Tate Modern, ArtLab as part of the Reading Assembly brought children from schools from the Reading area into the Tate to experience a series of diverse creative activities.

The footage for this project was captured across a single day, shot and directed by myself. To differentiate the film stylistically I decided to limit the majority of the shots to static compositions, using macro lenses to pick out the different textures of the various objects and tools used in the activities. In post-production I edited and graded the film myself in DaVinci Resolve, as well as sourcing and licensing a music track to complement the playful tone of the day’s activities.